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We're eager to hear from you as we engage with legislators and UC leadership. Your voice holds the power to drive positive change. Share your experiences with us by reaching out to:  

Explore key areas where your input is crucial:

1️⃣ Basic Needs: Share your challenges related to food, housing, and transportation. Your experiences matter, and we're here to advocate to improve your experiences.

2️⃣ Mentorship Standards: Facing issues with advisors or principal investigators? Let us know—we're dedicated to fostering a positive academic environment by advocating for policy change.

3️⃣ Student-Parent Needs: From childcare concerns to advisor flexibility and family housing, we're here to fight for the unique needs of student-parents.

4️⃣ Mental Health and Wellness: Your well-being is a priority. Share your thoughts on mental health support so we can better advocate for your needs.

5️⃣ Civic Engagement: Engage in discussions on freedom of speech, voting, political backlash, and advocacy. Let's collaboratively create an environment that values civic engagement.

6️⃣ Discrimination: If you've faced discrimination based on your race, gender identity, religion, citizenship, and/or dis/ability, reach out. We're committed to promoting equity and justice.

Your valuable input will shape our discussions with decision-makers. Together, let's build a stronger, more inclusive graduate and professional student community! 💪🌟

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